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Welcome to "The Wine Cellar Book" documentation

"The Wine Cellar Book" is an excellent tool to help you manage your collection of wine, whisky and recipes.


  • Wines, Whiskies, recipes and more: You can track your collection of wines, whiskies and recipes all in one application. Drinks can also be associated with particular recipes and or ingredients used in recipes.
  • Images: An unlimitted number of images can be stored with your wines, whiskies and recipes, including bottle labels, recipe preparation steps and more.
  • Purchase history: An extensive purchase history is kept, allowing you to see things like total purchases in the past years, purchases from particular supplier, and/or producer, and/or distiller.
  • Consumption history: An extensive consumption history is kept, allowing you to see total consumption and more.
  • Multiple cellars: An unlimited number of cellars can be tracked.
  • Cellar transfer: A transfer generates automatically the consumption and purchase record in the appropriate cellar, which will result in a complete history of your cellar movements.
  • Guest list: A guest list allows you to see what you served when to which guest, it will also show who else was on the guest list for the same event.
  • Pre-loaded data for wines: Information such as wine regions, grapes, bottle sizes and more is included in the database.
  • Pre-loaded data for whiskies: Information such as whisky regions, barrel types, bottle sizes and more is included in the database.
  • Pre-loaded data for recipes: Information such as ingredients, measures, and more is included in the databse.