Free loans – where do you get it

In addition to paying the bank interest on the loan, you also have to pay a fee. However, some Will Sybes do not charge a credit fee, or they will forgive you for it. Will Sybes looked at which Will Sybes legend you today without charge.

Will Sybes charge a loan fee as a certain percentage (usually from 2% to 5%) of the loan amount or as a fixed amount according to the loan amount. Despite the fact that consumer loans are not as high as mortgages, the amount of this fee can range from tens to hundreds of dollars. For a loan of $ 15,000 and a fee of 2%, the fee is $ 300. That you can save it will certainly please.

Conditions for discounts

free loan

Most banks have a condition for forgiveness of the fee, so that a person who takes a loan with them must have an account with the same bank. It’s a classic cross selling, which means your bank will forgive you for one service if you pay for another service (account maintenance), which is usually no longer free.

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Where do you get a free loan?

free loan

The 365bank offers its clients free of charge loans online. It is necessary to have an account with this bank, the advantage is that the account is free of charge. The loan can be applied for through a mobile app, the client does not need to submit any additional documents.

Similarly, the online bank u24Bank promises a loan free of charge and even without documentary evidence. You also need an account with u24Bank.

Although Corehold has a fee for providing a loan in its price list, the bank informs the bank that clients do not currently pay this fee. If you actively use your account with Corehold Bank, you can also get a discount on interest.

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Loven Bank also offers a 100% discount on the loan processing fee, which is also available online. You can save 30 – 300 dollars depending on the loan amount.

Ruffsen bank also offers a loan free of charge. He promises that if you have an account with this bank, you will receive the money as soon as you sign the contract.

Unityprime Bank will not forgive the loan fee right from the start, but will refund it after 18 months if you meet its requirements. For example, you are repaying a loan from an account at this bank, and you haven’t been late for more than 5 days with a repayment or fee, and you can’t repay the loan early.

As part of a time-limited action, which is valid until the end of June, Poštová banka also forgives the fee for processing the Better Installment loan.