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Version 4.0.439
« on: September 18, 2014, 09:26:31 AM »
This is a new update for version 4.0.

This version includes the following enhancements:
- available rack positions are now ordered by rack name, combined rack id, rack unit id, bin number, sub-bin number
- a unit can now be selected to filter the available rack positions
- button to allow to assign tags to a unit
- added 'winename4' to the cellarbook listctrl, if activated it will show wine name, wine name 2 and variety
- rack viewer will now select a drinkinfo image if the vintage has no image when displaying the tool tip for a wine
- the user fields on vintage and bottle tab are now hidden if they are not used

This version includes the following corrections:
- rack viewer position text is done with a contrast colour, e.g. on a white wine it now is black instead of white
- if one does a search a previously selected item is now reset
- lots of translation updates, especially for the French translation
- wine rack designer 'undo' button did not work correctly
- adding an image to a recipe did not work correctly

To download the installer click on the following link:

We would very much appreciate feedback, either here in the forum or to

Version 3.x users:
Should you use version 3.x of the application we recommend to install version 4.0 into the default folder which will allow you to run both version 3.x and 4.0 on your computer.  You can then check out version 4.0 and make sure that nothing important to you is missing - should something not be there which you used please let us know either here in the forum or via email.