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Version 4.0.317
« on: December 12, 2013, 04:33:28 PM »
Finally we are getting to release version 4.0 of The Wine Cellar Book, this version is a re-write of the application from ground up.  The user interface (UI) has been totally overhauled and we have reworked the database schema to allow multi language support from one and the same system.

Should you use version 3.x of the application we recommend to install version 4.0 into the default folder which will allow you to run both version 3.x and 4.0 on your computer.  You can then check out version 4.0 and make sure that nothing important to you is missing - should something not be there which you used please let us know either here in the forum or via email.

The French translation of version 4.0 is not finished, we have currently only done a bit over 55% of the translation work, this will be completed early next year.

To download the installer click on the following link:

We would very much appreciate feedback on this version, either here in the forum or to

We will provide new license keys to everyone who purchased a live time license over the next few weeks - or if you are in a hurry to get it let us know via the above email address.

The updated web site and the online documentation for version 4 will be uploaded soon.